We bring effective solutions because we believe that innovation
and comfort are the way to better healthcare.

We bring effective solutions, because we believe that innovation
and comfort are the way to a better health care.

We bring effective solutions, because we believe in innovation
and comfort are the way to a better health care.

We bring effective solutions, because we believe that innovation
and comfort is the way to a better health care.

We bring effective solutions, because we believe that innovation
and comfort are the way to a better health care.


We provide comfort and innovation in hygiene care for bedridden people.


We create effective health care solutions and introduce modern methods.



Our aim is to improve quality and accessibility of medical care and modernize methods in the health service.

In health care there is certainly room for improvement. Out-of-date medical procedures, inadequate health care, inefficient use of financial resources or complete lack of client-oriented private health care for those willing to pay for extraordinary services: these were the reasons why we decided to found our company.

Novamed has set out several values that will underline its future activities both in providing services (i.e.counselling) and distributing innovative products.

Our values include: effective solutions, innovation and up-to-date care, comfort and dignity, and help.





Caring for the hygiene of incontinent patients has historically been an unpleasant experience for many patients, carers and nurses. At Novamed, we have a core belief that innovation in the science of care improves a patient’s comfort and brings them dignity. Bedpans have been used for over 100 years. Caring should mean dignity and the use of bedpan/diapers is one of the least dignified aspects for patients and carers alike. The Solaticare System of hygienic care is an automatic patient or nursing assistant controlled device for partially or totally incontinent patients and for a partially or totally immobile patients or elderly people. Solaticare is a synonym for professional and sensitive approach to patient care.

Solaticare® is available in two different versions, one for use in hospitals and the other in care homes or the patient’s own home. The hospital system can be fitted in appropriately adapted hospital beds, whilst in care homes or patient’s own home. Solaticare comes equipped with its own special mattress which can be used on ordinary beds without adaptation.

Solaticare® largely eliminates the need for toilet paper, diapers and towels and greatly reduces the need for frequent changes of the patient’s bed clothes and sheets. It increases the patient’s personal comfort and sense of dignity and reduces the need for excessive handling of the patient by the attendant. It also greatly reduces the attendants’ contact with and time spend on changing soiled garments and bed linen.

The result is a significant improvement in the standard of care and comfort of patients and immobile and elderly people. It also greatly reduces the time spent by attendants on one of the most disliked and disagreeable aspect of their duties whilst offering considerable savings in terms of both time and cost.

How Solaticare® works

The Solaticare System of Hygienic Care has been designed with both patients and their carers in mind to enable bedridden patients to urinate and defecate without the need for a bedpan. Located in a special mattress in the middle of the bed the Solaticare suction device, automatically detects when the patient needs to urinate or defecate. It collects excrement and urine and flushes it way into a hermetically sealed Extraction Unit located next to the bed. Solaticare then automatically cleans and dries the patient with warm water (7 different temperature options) and warm air (5 different temperature options) whilst the special deodorizer neutralizes any unpleasant odours. The optional shower hose assembly helps patient shower and wash their hair (short hair only) whilst they are in the bed.

Patients are able to urinate or defecate in their privacy, with or without the assistance of the nurse/carer according to their needs. This solution provides care for a wide range of patients and saves energy and resources.

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Oxygen Products

We supply medical consumables and adhere to the principle of Quality First, always making an effort to offer our customers high-grade products. We believe that our high-quality products will build your confidence in us and our focus on cost will enable co-operation between us.
Nasal Oxygen Cannula Nebuliser Mask
Bed Bed
Oxygen Mask with Bag Simple Oxygen Mask
Bed Bed


Laryngeal Masks

Laryngeal Mask Airway Laryngeal Mask Airway Laryngeal Mask Airway
Silicone, Single Use Silicone, Reusable Silicone Reinforced, Single Use
Bed Bed Bed
Laryngeal Mask Airway Laryngeal Mask Airway
Silicone Reinforced, Reusable PVC, Single Use
Bed Bed

Why choose                                                                                      Solaticare®?

It is possible to purchase a completely adjustable bed or just the special mattress with cut-out which can be placed on an existing bed.
The hospital bed is fully adjustable with movable sides which also serve as support.
The consumption of towels, hygiene products and disinfectants decreases; the frequency of bedding changes is also reduced.
A more dignified and comfortable stay in bed is experienced by the patient.
Solaticare ® streamlines the process of patient care and demands on hospital staff are reduced.
Patients will be able to defecate/urinate and wash themselves without the assistance of nurses or simply benefit from the increased privacy offered by Solaticare®.

Novamed Pads

“Novamed (Europe) is proud to present their latest offering – quality, affordable continence pads, available by direct delivery straight to the home.We have a range of products to serve those with either light-moderate or moderate-severe problems, and those in need of an underpad, providing a flexible solution for either added protection or those areas which are hard to clean, such as car seats.

Our gender neutral pads have a white backing, and are supplied in bags with a handy carry strap. These quality products are latex free, and have a superabsorbent core, minimising odours and leakage. We offer 3 sizes of both the all in one style (adult nappy) and 3 sizes of pull up pants, just like regular underwear. Orders can be placed online or by post. We can also offer a regular delivery service, to save you the need to remember to reorder, and deliveries over £50 are free.

Visit our dedicated web site www.novamedpads.co.uk for more details






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